The purpose of this course is for you to gain a deeper understanding of WHY you must systematize your practice clinic and business, and to stimulate your innovative mindset to produce systems that will positively impact the lives of everyone involved


The first reason to systematize your business is to create freedom for you! More time, more fun, less stess.

After all, this is why we wanted to get into business for ourselves in the first place right? Unfortunately most of the time running your own practice or business turns into multiple daily tasks that you don’t want to be doing, seemingly taking away the freedom you were once striving for. Basically a job with A LOT of overtime, that may not be paying very well.


The second reason to systematize your business is to create an amazing experience for your client

Basically, fulfilling your customer's reason for coming to you! To some of you this might be instinctual, but for those who do not have the client experience as a priority, who may have become complacent about this element, who may have the mentality that the big city has an abundance of potential clients, this message is of great importance for you.


The third reason to systematize your business is so your team possesses an easy-to-deliver quality service!

What I mean by this is simple; if your team is not always worried about what they are supposed to be doing or saying then they are more free to be themselves and prioritize building relationships with the clients. You want your front staff to be great at connecting with people, not overwhelmed by the tasks and processes.

Within the lessons we will touch on many different aspects of your practice and business that should be systematized and automated. These are primarily areas that would apply to any practice or business. Although there are many parts of any business that are the same, each are also different, and have different priorities, so this is where the understanding of WHY you need to systematize is important. You will begin to recognize more and more parts of your business and practice that cry out to be systematized and you will be excited to make it happen because of the results that come with automation.

Whether you like it or not systematizing your business and practice, as many aspects of it as humanly possible, is an essential ingredient in it’s success, or failure. What organizing and systematizing ultimately does is take things off of yours or other staff member’s plates and filters them into an automated state - i.e. they take FAR less time, and you do not have to think about them near as much. Conclusion - more time for more important high value projects and tasks that are more enjoyable, not so fast paced and stressful, and actually are what drives the company to grow and produce. Shouldn’t you be writing about your knowledge and experiences vs. double checking whether a new client was properly taken care of by reception or the product order quantities checked out with the invoice...I could go on and on with all the stuff that can be systematized and delegated to free up your time, but the personal needs of each practice are different so you have to start exploring this for yourself - but begin to systematize and get stuff off your plate today - your business depends on it.

If you commit to systematizing your business and clinical operations you’ll soon begin to experience more of the personal freedom you desire.

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