About The Golden Cabinet
(aka Spence Pentland)

The life and practice you dream of awaits!
Imagine a future where you have achieved the personal, professional, and financial freedom that you desire.

You’ve spent thousands of hours studying acupuncture and TCM, now it’s time to do the same with business. In order for you to properly give your healing gift to the world you need to understand that cultivating wisdom in business is essential.

The lessons within The Golden Cabinet are real. If you choose to ignore these lessons, the absence of their basic timeless wisdom will continue to take its toll on you, as it has up until this very moment. The lessons within The Golden Cabinet are fundamental to living your fulfilled life (the only one you have been given to live) instead of forever being chained to your practice and money. These fundamentals are key to moving you past your current level of struggle and into a place that might make you uncomfortable, but nevertheless it is the place that you must venture in order to manifest the successful practice you dream of, help transform lives, obtain financial abundance, and enjoy the peace of mind that your freedom and happiness will bring!

Healing and business are the perfect marriage, they both are primarily driven by one motivating factor; to solve their customer’s problems. Everybody wins. If both healing and business are practiced with integrity, rooted in virtuous core values, a wonderful relationship is created that produces amazing results, both clinically and financially.

If financial uncertainty and fear of failure keep you up at night, you are not connecting to the business side of your practice. Believing anything else is not honouring the wholistic requirements to building a successful practice that impacts more patients lives, and provides you with the wealth, experience, skills and fulfilment you deserve.

Do what you love, grow personally, wake up happy, peaceful, and proud of yourself. Be a shining example to friends, family, peers, staff, and patients. Enjoy the increased respect, love, and connection you will experience as you contribute to the world. Attract more patients, gain more experience, become a better practitioner, get better results, transform more lives, and attract more patients (the cycle continues).

The Golden Formula
It is important to learn from someone that you trust to get you the results you need, someone who is living the life you desire. A mentor to show you what is possible and a coach to guide you along the way. I started my TCM education in 1999 and since 2004 have delivered specialized care for those experiencing reproductive health concerns. I am now living my dream of practicing when and how I want, with financial and personal freedom.

I have administered 25,000+ treatments and over a quarter million needles, coupled with my obsession for learning how to own and operate practices and clinical businesses with integrity, as well as an obsession with success, optimal performance and the desire for more freedom (time to spend in nature and with loved ones) has given me the desire to share my experience with you. I am not just out there learning marketing techniques and reframing them for the TCM community, anyone can do that. The information I share is truly ‘from the trenches’ – the personal trials and triumphs I have been through and that has led me and my team to the success that we are deeply proud of, both clinically and financially.

About Me

Hi I’m Dr. Spence Pentland, Welcome to The Golden Cabinet. I look forward to sharing the ‘pearls of wisdom’ that I have learned along the way from various mentors and through my own experience in practice and business, all which cumulatively have brought me the success I enjoy each and every day of my life. I want you to enjoy similar success and fulfillment.  Contact me anytime to set up a one-on-one consultation to discuss your problems plans and potential.

I wanted to share a bit about myself but first some inspiring news! As of 2020, my company, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, has opened it’s third location! Our growing YinTeam (16 in total – including 5 acupuncture associates, 4 naturopathic doctors, a general manager, 4 administrative staff, a COO co-founder, and me – the founder, clinical director, visionary & CEO), are all delighted to be part of a prosperous company that is delivering on its vision of helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide fulfill their dreams of getting pregnant, having a baby, and creating a happy healthy family. Our obsession with impacting the world and raising the bar in regards to clinical results and client experience puts our current revenue into seven figures. For our peers, we strive to be an example. The Reproductive Wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industries need examples of companies and leadership such as Yinstill so that the marketplace which surrounds these fields expands and solidifies its place in the world. My hope is that this will provide a more solid long-term financial forecast for the industry so that the growth and benefits are experienced by both practitioners and patients. If you are interested in learning more about Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, becoming part of the ‘YinTeam’, mentorship, or exploring ways that we can work together, please contact me anytime.

“I have invested 2x the amount of money on personal development and business knowledge than I spent on medical school. This has allowed me to create financial abundance and personal freedom, and help thousands achieve their health and wellness goals. Now, I am free, and spending my days studying the healing powers of nature, again!”Dr. Spence Pentland

My Story

I am sure this is a familiar story – I was extremely passionate about TCM. A devoted student of the medicine, and a energetic newbie ready to dive into the world of clinical practice. I am going to rock this! Unfortunately it didn’t take long to realize that this wasn’t going to be so easy – TCM seemed to be turning out to be a hard sell, doctors didn’t trust the medicine, and the public didn’t know much about this East Asian ‘witchcraft’. The cards were definitely stacked against me, and I watched as that devoted passionate energetic newbie was slipping into a world of fear, worry, and psychology that was very self-sabotaging. ‘I have such a great skillset to gift the world with and my intentions are clearly guided with altruistic values and integrity, why is this happening to me?’ My internal victim started to be in charge of my life, and my poor relationship with money was also working against me.

At the time I was working at a clinic that had served me very well in many ways as a new practitioner, but the core values, stress, and lack of freedom was tethering me to a life and a version of myself that felt wrong. I knew I wanted to obtain personal freedom and fulfillment by running my own practice, but the cost of doing business, raising 3 boys, and living in the most expensive city in the world made things impossible. I also quickly realized that my fear of failure and my poor subconscious relationship with money was a psychological barrier that was easier to sweep under the rug that to face it. This personal story that I told myself each and every day kept me right where I was, stagnant, not following my dreams.

Thankfully, I came to a breaking point. I realized that this old story was not working for me and the life I envisioned. It finally frustrated me to the point where I chose to start a new journey. The turning point, the death of my past story (identity) planted the seed for a rebirth of my essence. I held on to the possibility that I could be in charge of writing my new chapter.

Ironically, this came at the exact same time as we were celebrating being pregnant with our second baby. The winds of change were definitely blowing, strong! It was a very exciting time, but this new gift we were given made it difficult for me to choose the pursuit of my new journey, understandably so. This was a divine moment, one that gave me the strength I needed to ride the massive wave in front of me and use it as a vehicle to begin a WHOLE new chapter – and I owe it all to my amazing wife. Despite the new baby, or maybe because of the strength it brought, she convinced me that I was more than ‘good enough’ to take the leap, leave my current professional circumstances behind, and start the new journey! I love you Chantal!

I had enough wisdom to know that I needed help. There was always a little boy inside me that knew he needed to find older smarter people to learn from if I wanted to succeed, so I asked for guidance and was delivered the world’s most amazing life coach, and various other mentors which gave me the kick in the ass that I needed. From there, everything changed…

…I remember how I felt when I realized that in order to truly succeed as a TCM Doctor, I needed to embrace the wisdom of business. It was an exciting time – diving into the study of business (marketing/promo, psychology, relationships, finance, influence/sales, systems and organization etc). I quickly learned who the sages were and attacked learning about business the same way I did with educating myself in medicine.

I realized that this was my way to freedom, freedom from financial fear and worry, which in turn laid the path to surrender and faith, which has allowed me to enjoy the abundance I have manifested. When I started on this path I felt lighter, and an inner peace settled in. Anxieties I had surrounding the fear of financial failure began to fade. I am so grateful as the gut twisting paralysis that can accompany this stress was keeping me from living the fulfilled life that I deserved. The constant pressure I felt in my head, the shame of not providing enough for my family, the negative effects on my health and well-being, all became powerful motivators for deep learning and massive action. Simply put, I had a clear awareness that I had found a key to happiness, and really truly letting my light shine. It’s kinda like God had rolled out a red carpet for me, and it was very comfortable to walk down!

My desire to be loved and my deep inner knowledge that I was ‘good enough’ to succeed at anything I set my mind to, catapulted me into relentless forward momentum to become the person required to get off the path I was on (financial despair, anger, divorce, shame, disappointment, fear, and worst of all – being a bad example to my boys) and go out and transform into a hunter of personal growth and achievement. I felt powerful, aware, confident, and I had an inner knowing that I had found a key, which gave me the knowledge that everything was going to be way more than ok – which in turn gave birth to a faith that I never knew was possible. I know it sounds cliche, but I literally came out of my cocoon and had beautiful wings. I knew now that I would not only make sure my family was ok, but we were destined to bath in freedom and abundance.

What happened next ended up to be a gift from God. While driving in our favorite neighbourhood, a ‘for lease’ sign grabbed my wife’s attention. The space was perfect, and the dream of this new opportunity gave way to passionate discussions with Chantal. We laid out the theoretical steps for the plan to make this happen – our own clinic! The feeling was indescribable! ‘Let’s do it’ we cried! And so we moved forward into what turned out to be very competitive lease negotiations. Eventually we won, the space was ours, it was finally time to start Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, in the heart of beautiful Vancouver!

Then reality hit. When the excitement smoke cleared, the financial fear began to set in. The costs of building and setting up the space, coupled with the immediate operating costs threw us into a whirlwind of emotional chaos. How the hell could we afford this – AND cover the thousands more each month to simply operate?! Wow, what had we done, all at a time when my wife was well into a new pregnancy, and only a couple months after leaving my old clinical practice to start new, not to mention that the agreement in place with my departure included me not being able to bring any of my existing clientele with me – I had to literally start from scratch! Needless to say, I decided not to check my blood pressure for this period of my life!

It was at the very pinnacle of this crisis that the lesson became clear; our circumstances were simply the motivation needed to ensure that we took charge, and stepped into becoming the people we needed to become in order to not only make it all work out, but to friggin’ rock it! Energy is energy, we just needed to channel it in our favor. Breathing, prayer, meditation, and gratitude became regular practice, and the guidance, mentorship, learning, and resources required to manifest our dreams were delivered. We embrace our faith and surrendered to the journey ahead so that we could enjoy it – open ourselves to allowing the gifts to come through us.

From this story I hope it is clear how vital our psychology and beliefs are. Literally, if we consciously tend our mental garden, we can achieve almost anything. It’s really that simple. The only things left after that is some skill, hard work, and perseverance. This really is the recipe to success.

I hope this inspires you to believe that you too can transform into the person you need to become in order to manifest the practice of your dreams, and a fulfilled life. You CAN do it, there is no doubt in my mind. Choose to take action now – let this be YOUR turning point.

It’s your time.

…I needed to tell my story because I feel that it is important for people to know what I have been through, how I got here, how I am stepping forward now, and my thoughts and ideas about the future, as this is what was necessary for me to choose my mentors and teachers. Simply stated, to accomplish something in life you should learn from someone who has not only already done it, but has done it well. So when I figured out what my vision for my life was, got crystal clear on my needs, I went out to find those who had accomplished the same, and learned exactly how they did it, so I could do it. This is why it is important for you to know who I am, how I did things and why, so that if it resonates with you, you know that I may be the right person to help you get past your struggles and achieve the life and practice you dream of. Honestly, I also tell you my story as I do not want to work with anyone that I cannot be of deep service to. So if who I am, what I have done, and what I have is something that you desire to achieve, then I look forward to helping you accomplish your dreams.

Since I am already being long winded here (because I want you to know who I am), I chose to simply list out a few highlights from my life and CV;

  • Raised by a father who was a pharmacist and businessman, and by a mother who was a teacher and healer in a small town where customer service was key to success.
  • Founder of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness
  • Past clinical director of Acubalance Wellness Centre
  • Since 2004 has helped thousands of women & couples realize their dream of getting pregnant and having healthy babies.
  • Pioneered patient care systems that integrate acupuncture with In Vitro Fertilization
  • Published research on the positive effects of acupuncture on stress relief
  • Published author of the books ‘Being Fertile’ and ‘The Yinstill Fertility Diet’
  • Creator of Medigogy.com, a free online TCM learning resource
  • Worked closely with Dr. Lorne Brown to build Pro D Seminars and establish its foundation when in its infancy
  • Started the first ever TCM podcast – TCM Radio
  • Licenced Dr. TCM by the CTCMA
  • Certified Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM)
  • Certification with the Canadian Association of Oriental Obstetrical Medicine (CAOOM).
  • 500 hour medical internship at Anhui Hospital of TCM, Hefei City, China
  • Official Super Dad & kick ass living example for my three boys
  • Ongoing ‘abundance creator’ – affording my wife the life she deserves!

I see a lot from people in our industry who have a clinic or a couple of clinics that may even have a couple associates and are seeing many clients and revenue is high.  I am so very happy for this success as this was once me as well.  But after a number of years of this I started to see what I valued most, my freedom, slipping away into an ever deepening abyss of being too busy.  For a while this felt great, busy meant things were rocking – but the difference between ‘being busy‘ and ‘being a busy-ness owner‘ became the most valuable concept I have ever learned in my entrepreneurial life. Most of the ‘successful‘ practitioners in the TCM/acupuncture industry are simply working like slaves, seeing more clients each week than they can properly care for (IMO), actively running most (if not all) aspects of the business, and worst of all are not walking their talk (i.e. taking care of their own health). For me, according to my clearly defined definition of personal ‘success’, this type of life just isn’t even an option. That is not freedom, that is a jail. That is where burn out happens – and simply put, it just isn’t good business, especially in the long run from the perspective of financial return on investment.  This type of set-up involves the owner of the practice/clinic needing to be present basically at all times and involved deeply in every decision, action, payment, patient, conflict, etc etc, and as I have said before, in my opinion, this is nothing more than a self-created jail masquerading as a self-employed ticket to freedom. To me this is a relatively easy place to get to – a busy practice, but for me it became something I needed to escape from.  I loved practice and didn’t want that to change, so on the advice of trusted mentors, I chose to understand business, as well as or better than I understand TCM and fertility. I value freedom very highly, especially since I have a beautiful young family who I want to be present for. This made me strive to great lengths and seek out wise mentors and teachers to help me understand how to create freedom through business instead of a jail.  Essentially, I quickly learned that I needed to become a ‘business owner‘, not a ‘busy practitioner / business operator‘.

Finally, I wanted to add that in the last few years a passion for understanding the lifecycle of a business has helped me understand exactly what the core elements for success are, and when they need to be utilized along the way. I recently took a sabbatical to study the Dao of properly maturing a company and the pathways of succession.  This really clarified THE BIG PICTURE of what is necessary to create a successful clinic, and a valuable company.  This gave me piece of mind in knowing that I understand the steps that need to be taken to ensure I properly take care of my family and those who depend on me, for the long haul.

Good luck on your healer/entrepreneurial journey.