The Journey From Nothing To Multiple Clinics, Patient Experience Success Secrets, & Scaling Yourself Online

I really enjoyed my time with Angela on this interview. She has a great energy about her, calm and smooth, confident and humble. She has been in this acupuncture industry for a long time and has seen so much change - and she has managed to thrive through it all.  She is a successful acupuncturist and business woman all wrapped into one package - perfect for us all to learn from, and why she is here to share her story, thoughts, experience and secrets to her success!  Enjoy!  ~ Spence

Angela Tisci



Professional Profile
MAcOM 2000
Acupuncture Licence 2000
Therapeutic Yoga Certification 2014
Health Coach Training
Transformational Coach and Mastery Level Coach Money Marketing and Soul Coach

Professional Achievements
CEO and Founder of the Integrative Fertility Institute: Fertility support and professional fertility coach training center
CEO and Founder of AcuBizConsulting: Helping entrepreneurs create educational programs and high ticket offers that support a bigger mission to change the world in a positive way. conscious capitalism
Creator of the EcoFertility Method Preconception Program 2013
Events: Business Adventure Retreat yearly event for entrepreneurs taking their business to the next level

Professional Experience
Owner Zen Space Portland Oregon 2000-2013
Woodstock Wellness Center Portland Oregon 2006-present
Integrative Fertility Institute-online
AcuBizConsulting- online coaching and consulting 

Show Credits
*Video & Podcast editing - Retireno Cabilla
*Administration & Social Media - Regine Cabilla
*Trascription - Marina Andjelkovic

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