Hunyuan Medicine, The Secret To Success, & The Essential Self-Reflection Question ‘Would you do that to your child?’

Interview with Yaron Seidman

What Yaron teaches during this podcast speaks right to my heart personally, as he embodies the way I approach my clinical practice - Heart led, focused on contribution.  He has been practicing for almost 25 years now and has some key messages for how he feels our medicine should be moving forward.  Thank you so much Yaron, this is a must watch / listen.  ! Spence


Professional Profile
Licensed acupuncture CT 1998
TCM course Auckland New Zealand 1991-92
Chinese Classical literature 1993-95 Freiburg university, Germany
Tongji medical university Wuhan china 1996
Guangxi TCM university 1998
Five Branches University DAOM 2007-8 or 2006-7

Professional Achievements
Hunyuan Medicine since 2002
Hunyuan Research Institute 2010
Hunyuan Academy 2018
Author: hunyuan Fertility , curing infertility , Chinese medicine liberation , hunyuan xinfa , hunyuan foundations
Associate in Research Harvard University since 2013

Professional Experience
Seminars around the world
Taiji Quan , qigong , internal arts since 1989
Huai Xuan advocate
Founder: hunyuan: body heart and medicine

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