Welcome to The Golden Cabinet Affiliate Program. We are excited to give you the opportunity to help promote The Golden Cabinet, and make money when someone you refer purchases the Golden Membership. We pay 50% affiliate commissions on every sale, and continues each month until the membership is cancelled. Yup, recurring monthly income.

For example, the membership cost is $37/month. If you refer 10 people that purchase the membership, you will make commissions of $185 each month. Let’s think a little bigger – say you put out the effort and promote The Golden Cabinet through your social channels, friends, and colleagues etc, and 100 people you refer purchase the Golden Membership, then you are taking home almost $2000 each month! If it sounds too simple and easy, then you are right!

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US , or simply click the following link to APPLY FOR AN AFFILIATE ACCOUNT NOW *(must have a PayPal account)

Once you are a Golden Cabinet Affiliate

Visit the ‘HOW TO USE YOUR AFFILIATE DASHBOARD‘ page of our affiliate software.

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