The Golden Program VIP Launch May 2018

For those of you who are new to the Golden Cabinet Affiliate Program, in most basic terms, it is a referral system; when you send someone to The Golden Cabinet and they make a purchase, you get paid. For the current promotion (The Golden Program VIP Launch) we will be paying 35% affiliate commissions on every sale. So for example; you email your list, tell them about the Golden Program, provide them with your unique link to the program page on this website, and if they click that link then buy the program ($997), it is tracked via the unique link so that you get paid 35% of that sale ($349). Pretty easy to do, and good money for each sale!

To take part in this VIP Launch opportunity, simply click the following link to APPLY FOR AN AFFILIATE ACCOUNT NOW if you are not currently an affiliate. *(must have a PayPal account)

If you are already an affiliate, just contact me to let me know that you want in on the action and I will get you set up ASAP!


May 2018
Many of you have taken a peek at The Golden Program in Jan/Feb this year during our beta soft launch. Thank you to all that supported this effort. Since then it has been closed for public purchase while I have been working to take things to a new level and re-launch.

May 12-21

In the spirit of a classic online launch, For 10 days I will be giving away opt in access to a free 3 part video education series. These will highlight many of the timeless business principles that are taught in great depth within The Golden Program. Those who opt in will benefit greatly from the content, without paying a dime. This is where I strongly encourage you to send your social network and email list to first, as it is simply a free resource that will add great value to their life/practice and you are not asking them to spend any money, easy. 

As an affiliate, you will be sent your unique affiliate referral link so that you can send people to here, anytime between May 12-21, as those are the only dates this video series will be available. 

Don't worry, I will remind you when it is live and ready for visitors!

May 22-31

As soon as the video comes down the shopping cart will open and The Golden Program is ready for purchase. This is another time frame you could encourage your email list / social network to visit The Golden Cabinet, but this time, you will be sending them directly to The Golden Program, recommending that they purchase this valuable resource, that is only available until May 31 (urgency!). 

As an affiliate, you will be sent your unique affiliate referral link so that you can send people to directly here, anytime between May 22-31, as the cart closes midnight May 31.

Don't worry, I will remind you when it's time to make some sales!

If you want to be a part of this VIP product launch, simply click the following link to APPLY FOR AN AFFILIATE ACCOUNT NOW if you are not currently an affiliate. *(must have a PayPal account). 

If you are already an affiliate, please CONTACT ME (Spence) so we can get you set up with your affiliate links ASAP!


For the most part, I want you to use your words when communicating with your people. There is nothing I dislike more than when I get the same email from multiple people when someone is clearly launching a product. This keeps your messages more authentic, and that is felt by the actual people at the other end of the message. They are actual people, just talk to them like that and they will trust you more. That said, some basic descriptions that you can use or borrow from for the FREE Video Series and the Golden Program are as follows;

100% FREE - 3 Part Educational Video Series

Video #1
The 3 questions you need to ask yourself when faced with problems growing your practice
  -  Are you crystal clear on what success really looks like for you?
  -  Do you have clear goals set out for the next 20 years?
  -  Do you have a good relationship with money?

Video #2
The 5 mistakes most acupuncturists are making when trying to grow their practice
  -  Doing it alone
  -  Not specializing
  -  No clear systems
  -  Too shy for testimonials
  -  Not building relationships

Video #3
The top 10 tools essential to your acupuncture business success
  -  Meditation
  -  15 steps to copy that converts
  -  Built to sell
  -  Business mastery
  -  3 ways to increase revenue
  -  Website
  -  Automated email system
  -  Podcasts
  -  Thomas Kevin Dolan
  -  Spence's famous 4 part recipe

The Golden Program

The Timeless Business Principles Included In The 11 Step Golden Program Provide Systems & Innovations To Consistently Grow Your Practice Into A Properly Run Business That Will Mature Into A Profitable Company

The Golden Program is a simple step-by-step system that will help you;

  • find clarity and direction for you and your practice
  • overcome hurdles that may be holding you back
  • understand your potential clients more intimately so you can speak directly to them
  • implement systems for how to create partnerships in your community to support practice growth
  • understand the importance of razor focus on client experience and how to deliver a kick ass service
  • complete some basic financial planning to give you confidence that you can create the life and practice of your dreams!

Work at your own pace through the unabridged audio and text lessons within each course, then complete each associated worksheet to manifest your plan and establish clear action items to set you up for success.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Golden Program is NOT for you if you are looking for simple social media hacks, marketing tools that promise immediate results, or any other ‘quick-fix’ that eliminates the need for hard work, constant learning, and perseverance.