As with the human body, one cannot function optimally without taking care of all systems simultaneously.
The same is true about your acupuncture clinic.

Imagine a future where you have achieved the personal, professional, and financial freedom that you desire.

In order for you to properly give your healing gift to the world you need to understand that cultivating wisdom in business is essential. Healing and business are the perfect marriage, they both are primarily driven by one motivating factor; to solve their customer’s problems. If both are practiced with integrity rooted in virtuous core values, a wonderful relationship is created that produces amazing results, both clinically and financially.

If financial uncertainty and fear of failure keep you up at night, you are not connecting to the business side of your practice. Believing anything else is not honoring the wholistic requirements to building a successful practice that impacts more patients lives, and provides you with the wealth and fulfilment you deserve.

Do what you love, grow personally, wake up happy, peaceful, and proud of yourself. Be a shining example to friends, family, peers, staff, and patients. Enjoy the increased respect, love, and connection you will experience as you contribute to the world. Attract more patients, gain more experience, become a better practitioner, get better results, transform more lives, and attract more patients (the cycle continues).

  • Welcome to The Golden Cabinet. I look forward to sharing the ‘pearls of wisdom‘ that I have learned along the way from various mentors and through my own experience in practice and business, all which cumulatively have brought me the success I enjoy each and every day of my life. I want you to enjoy similar success and fulfillment.  Contact me anytime to set up a one-on-one consultation to discuss your problems plans and potential.Dr. Spence Pentland