Bonjoro! An Essential Tool For All Acupuncture Clinics (the evolution of video email)

Interview with Oliver Bridge, one of the founding members of Bonjoro!

In this special edition podcast episode, Oli and I go through the functions of Bonjoro and how it can help deliver amazing value and deep connection to your patients, and set you apart from your competitors. I guarantee that both you and your patients will LOVE it!!!

Simply put, Bonjoro is video email, perfected, easy to use, and extremely affordable.

send them out to all my new patients that come to the clinic. If they are not my patients (they are patients of my associates) then I like to touch base as the founder, welcome them to the clinic, and let them know we are all here to support them however we can.  If they are my patients, I use it to touch base a couple days after the initial appointment (after I have sent them their individualized treatment plan) to check in, encourage them to reply and ask any further questions they might have, and just generally show them that I am close by when needed.

It is SUPER easy to use, and comes at a SUPER affordable monthly cost.  Bonjoro is a no brainer if you are looking for a new fun effective marketing tool for your clinic.

It is an amazing tool that is getting amazing feedback.  The way of the future, I am positive.

~  Spence

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